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Bawaslu Finds Crescent Star Party Eligible for Indonesia’s 2019 Elections

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Discover how Bawaslu’s decision to deem Crescent Star Party eligible for Indonesia’s 2019 elections marked a pivotal moment in the country’s political landscape. Learn about the criteria, implications, and significance of this decision.


In a significant turn of events that shaped Indonesia’s political landscape, the Bawaslu (Election Supervisory Board) took a historic decision during the 2019 elections. This decision declared the Crescent Star Party eligible to participate in the elections, sparking conversations and debates across the nation. This article delves into the details of this milestone decision, its implications, and the broader context it fits into within Indonesia’s political framework.

Bawaslu’s Role in Indonesian Elections

Bawaslu is the independent body entrusted with overseeing and supervising elections in Indonesia. With a mandate to ensure fair, transparent, and credible elections, Bawaslu plays a crucial role in upholding the integrity of the democratic process. It scrutinizes the eligibility of political parties, their candidates, and their campaign activities, thereby safeguarding the essence of democracy.

The Crescent Star Party: Background and Aspirations

The Crescent Star Party, also known as the Partai Bulan Bintang (PBB), emerged as a political entity with a distinct set of ideologies and aspirations. Founded on the principles of justice, social welfare, and Islam, the party aimed to provide a voice to segments of society that felt underrepresented. Its inclusion in the 2019 elections marked a significant step in amplifying these voices within the political discourse.

The Eligibility Determination

Bawaslu’s decision to find the Crescent Star Party eligible for the 2019 elections was based on a comprehensive assessment of several factors. These factors included the party’s adherence to legal requirements, fulfillment of membership criteria, and demonstration of a substantial voter base. The decision highlighted the party’s commitment to democratic principles and its alignment with the broader objectives of Indonesia’s electoral process.

Implications for Indonesian Politics

The eligibility granted to the Crescent Star Party had far-reaching implications that reverberated through Indonesia’s political arena. It signaled the inclusivity of the electoral process, where diverse voices and ideologies could participate and contribute. This decision underscored Indonesia’s democratic maturity, showcasing the nation’s commitment to accommodating a range of political perspectives within its democratic framework.

The Significance of Religious Representation

One of the noteworthy aspects of the Crescent Star Party is its emphasis on religious representation. With Islam as a central tenet of its ideology, the party aimed to provide a platform for individuals whose political beliefs were intertwined with their faith. This eligibility decision highlighted the importance of acknowledging and accommodating the intersection of religion and politics within Indonesia’s diverse society.

Bawaslu’s Stringent Evaluation

Bawaslu’s decision was not taken lightly; it followed a rigorous and stringent evaluation process. The board meticulously reviewed the party’s organizational structure, membership criteria, and adherence to legal norms. This thorough assessment ensured that the eligibility determination was well-founded and aligned with the principles of transparency and fairness.

Public Reaction and Discourse

The decision’s announcement sparked extensive public discourse and debate. Supporters of the Crescent Star Party celebrated the recognition of their chosen party, viewing it as a step towards a more representative democracy. Critics, on the other hand, raised concerns about the potential polarization of political discourse and the prioritization of religious identities over other societal considerations.

Broader Context of Indonesian Democracy

The eligibility decision for the Crescent Star Party must be understood within the broader context of Indonesian democracy. It showcased the nation’s commitment to accommodating a diverse range of political ideologies, thereby enriching the democratic dialogue. Indonesia’s democratic journey has been marked by its ability to embrace and integrate different perspectives, contributing to a vibrant political landscape.


Q: What is Bawaslu’s role in Indonesian elections? A: Bawaslu is responsible for overseeing and supervising elections in Indonesia to ensure fairness and transparency.

Q: What is the Crescent Star Party’s ideology? A: The Crescent Star Party emphasizes justice, social welfare, and Islam as its core principles.

Q: How did Bawaslu determine the party’s eligibility? A: Bawaslu assessed factors like legal compliance, membership criteria, and voter base to determine eligibility.

Q: What are the implications of the eligibility decision? A: The decision signifies inclusivity, democratic maturity, and accommodation of diverse political perspectives.

Q: How did the public react to the decision? A: The decision sparked debates, with supporters lauding inclusivity and critics expressing concerns about potential polarization.

Q: Why is the decision’s broader context important? A: The decision aligns with Indonesia’s democratic journey, embracing various ideologies and enriching political discourse.


Bawaslu’s decision to find the Crescent Star Party eligible for Indonesia’s 2019 elections marked a pivotal moment in the nation’s democratic trajectory. This decision not only highlighted the board’s commitment to fair representation but also underscored Indonesia’s dedication to a diverse and inclusive democracy. By embracing and accommodating a range of political ideologies, Indonesia demonstrated its ability to navigate the complexities of democratic governance.

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