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Mobile Data, Not Internet Service Providers, To Be Blocked In Bali During Nyepi

Learn about the upcoming mobile data blackout during Nyepi in Bali. Find out how this unique tradition affects connectivity and…

By yadav

Jokowi Needs Multidimensional Dialogue On Criminal Code Bill: Alliance

Explore why Jokowi's engagement in a multidimensional dialogue on the Criminal Code Bill is crucial for effective policy-making and societal…

By yadav

China To Build Indonesia’s Longest Bridge In North Kalimantan

Learn about the monumental initiative of China To Build Indonesia’s Longest Bridge In North Kalimantan, enhancing connectivity and fostering collaboration.…

By yadav

Indonesia To Offer Infrastructure Projects At IMF-World Bank Meeting

Explore how Indonesia's strategic initiative to present infrastructure projects at the IMF-World Bank Meeting can drive economic growth, international collaboration,…

By yadav

Ngurah Rai International Airport To Close For 24 Hours For Nyepi

Discover the details of Ngurah Rai International Airport's 24-hour closure for Nyepi, the Balinese Day of Silence. Learn about the…

By yadav

Nyepi Celebrations: Mobile Internet Turned Off For Bali’s New Year

Experience the unique Nyepi Celebrations: Mobile Internet Turned Off For Bali's New Year, a day of silence, reflection, and cultural…

By yadav

Women in Politics: Urgency of Quota System For Women In Regional Elections

Explore the crucial role of the quota system for women in regional elections. Understand its significance, benefits, and challenges in…

By yadav

Commentary: Why 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election is all about 2024

Delve into the intricate connection between the 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election and the upcoming 2024 election, exploring the pivotal role…

By yadav