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Why Does Internshala Excite You? How to Answer This Question, All About Internshala’s Student Partner Program

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So, you’ve been asked, “Why does Internshala excite you?” and you’re scratching your head, wondering how to answer this question in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Fear not, for in this comprehensive guide, we will not only unravel the secret to acing this question but also dive into the intriguing world of Internshala’s Student Partner Program.

Why Does Internshala Excite You?

The Internship Wonderland

Internshala, the name itself sparks excitement. Imagine a place where you can turn your dreams into reality, gain invaluable experience, and perhaps even enjoy free coffee. Well, that’s Internshala for you!

It’s a platform that connects students with internships across various domains. Whether you’re a budding engineer, an aspiring writer, or a future marketing guru, Internshala has something exciting in store for you. With a multitude of opportunities, it’s like stepping into a wonderland of internships.

Learning Beyond Books

Now, why does this excite you? Because Internshala is not just about fetching you an internship; it’s about transforming you into a well-rounded professional. It’s about practical knowledge that transcends textbooks.

Building a Network

Furthermore, Internshala is a hub for networking. It’s a place where you can meet industry experts, connect with fellow interns, and build relationships that could open doors to your future career. Exciting, isn’t it?

How to Answer the Question

Be Genuine

First things first, when answering this question, be genuine. Share your honest excitement. If you’ve always dreamt of working in a certain industry or with a particular company, don’t hesitate to express your enthusiasm.

Highlight Their Values

Internshala values diversity, innovation, and learning. Highlight how these values resonate with your personal and professional aspirations.

Share a Personal Anecdote

To make your answer more engaging, share a personal anecdote. Did you stumble upon a life-changing article on their blog? Did a friend have a remarkable internship experience through Internshala? Such stories add a personal touch to your response.

Showcase Your Research

Showcase your knowledge about Internshala. Mention recent success stories or initiatives that have impressed you. It demonstrates your genuine interest.

All About Internshala’s Student Partner Program

What is the Student Partner Program?

The Internshala Student Partner Program is like being handed the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. It’s an exclusive opportunity for students to represent Internshala on their campus. As a Student Partner, you become the face of Internshala at your college or university.

Perks Galore

Now, why should this excite you? Well, imagine having access to exclusive workshops, webinars, and resources. Picture yourself honing your leadership skills while helping your peers find incredible internships. Oh, and did we mention the cool Internshala merchandise?

Building Leadership Skills

Being a Student Partner is not just about bragging rights; it’s about developing leadership skills. You’ll learn to organize events, manage teams, and effectively communicate – all essential skills for your future career.

Impacting Lives

Most importantly, you get to make a real impact on your campus. You’ll be helping fellow students kickstart their careers. Talk about a fulfilling experience!


1. How can I become a Student Partner?

To become a Student Partner, keep an eye out for Internshala’s announcements regarding applications. Typically, they open applications at the beginning of the academic year. Craft a compelling application showcasing your enthusiasm and leadership potential.

2. What are the responsibilities of a Student Partner?

Student Partners are responsible for promoting Internshala on their campus, organizing events, and guiding students in their internship search.

3. Is the Student Partner Program open to all colleges?

Yes, Internshala aims to reach as many colleges and universities as possible, so the program is open to students from various educational institutions.

4. Do I get paid as a Student Partner?

While the role itself is voluntary, Student Partners often receive incentives, including certificates, merchandise, and the chance to attend exclusive Internshala events.

5. Can being a Student Partner boost my career?

Absolutely! The skills you gain as a Student Partner, such as leadership, communication, and event management, are highly valuable in the job market.

6. Is the Student Partner Program competitive?

Yes, it can be competitive, as many students aspire to be part of this fantastic program. So, make sure your application stands out!


In conclusion, Internshala is not just a platform; it’s a gateway to exciting opportunities and personal growth. When asked, “Why does Internshala excite you?” remember to be genuine, highlight their values, share personal anecdotes, and showcase your research. And if you’re looking for a chance to be a part of something extraordinary, don’t miss the chance to become a Student Partner and embark on a journey of leadership, learning, and making a difference on your campus.

So, why does Internshala excite you? Well, because it’s not just a platform; it’s a ticket to a world of possibilities!

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