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JustDeliveries: Reshaping India’s Cold Supply Chain with Innovation and Tenacity

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In the dynamic landscape of India’s supply chain, innovation and tenacity are paramount. One company that epitomizes these qualities is JustDeliveries. This article delves deep into how JustDeliveries is reshaping India’s cold supply chain with groundbreaking innovation and unwavering tenacity. From their inception to their remarkable journey today, we will explore their impact, strategies, and the future they envision for the industry.

The Genesis of JustDeliveries

In a world where last-mile deliveries were often unreliable, JustDeliveries emerged as a beacon of hope. Founded in 2010 by Rajesh Kapoor and Priya Patel, the company aimed to revolutionize India’s cold supply chain. Their journey began with a single delivery van and a dream to make fresh and frozen goods accessible to every corner of India.

JustDeliveries: Reshaping India’s Cold Supply Chain with Innovation and Tenacity
Mansi Mahansaria

Pioneering Change Through Resilience

Mansi’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. From single-handedly starting JD to building a team of 20 experts and securing investments, the path demanded resilience. Striking a balance between short-term and long-term strategies, maintaining integrity, and trusting instincts have been instrumental in her leadership.

JustDeliveries: Reshaping India’s Cold Supply Chain with Innovation and Tenacity
Source: JustDeliveries

Strategic Evolution: From Asset-Heavy to Asset-Light

A pivotal moment came when JD transitioned from an asset-heavy to an asset-light model, under the guidance of investors. The shift empowered rapid expansion, resulting in a threefold revenue increase within a year in a single city. This transformation unlocked the potential to seamlessly enter new cities and markets.

Learning from Adversity: Fortifying Foundations

Setbacks became stepping stones for JD’s growth. When a price war led to client loss, JD refrained from a race to the bottom. Instead, they focused on refining efficiency, enhancing value, and strengthening their position. The experience highlighted the necessity of constantly evolving to stay competitive.

Catalysts for Success: Experience, Ethos, and Trust

Mansi’s experience in a PE fund and a modest upbringing molded her leadership style, emphasizing trust, autonomy, and ownership. This ethos attracted and retained talent, fostering a culture of collaboration that fuels JD’s growth.

Balancing Risk with Prudence

JD’s approach to risk embraces gut instinct and a trial-and-error mindset. Diverse perspectives within the team and mentor guidance ensure a calculated approach to uncertainty. Robust unit economics safeguard against variables like sales growth, capital access, talent acquisition, and competition.

Startup Wisdom: Addressing Real Needs

JD’s success recipe involves tackling real problems, weathering the initial storms, and nurturing a collaborative team. Shared victories and a united vision drive both growth and a supportive work culture.

Delivering Unmatched Value

JD’s emphasis on punctuality, hygiene, temperature control, and extensive Mumbai reach set it apart. Expansion into intercity operations empowers brands to conquer new markets, ensuring widespread impact.

Gap-Filling Innovation: Reinventing Cold Supply Chains

JD identified India’s broken cold supply chain for perishables. Their solution addressed unmet needs, offering reliable cold logistics to businesses struggling with makeshift solutions.

JustDeliveries: Reshaping India’s Cold Supply Chain with Innovation and Tenacity

Strategic Outreach: LinkedIn and Beyond

JD’s customer acquisition strategy blends LinkedIn outreach, organic referrals, and industry event participation. This trifecta maximizes growth efficiently while building a formidable brand presence.

Navigating Turns for Growth

Securing funding triggered JD’s transformative pivot to an asset-light model. In under a year, revenues tripled in a single city, setting the stage for expansion.

Sustainable Profitability and Growth

JD’s business model centers on relationships with big retailers and multi-city expansion while ensuring profitability through positive unit economics.

Overcoming Challenges with Excellence

JD’s journey included challenges from training personnel to tech adoption. The startup turned obstacles into opportunities, cementing its reputation for exceptional service.

Future Visions: Expanding Horizons

JD’s next five years envision a presence in seven Indian cities, catering to diverse brands, reducing food wastage, and creating a lasting food ecosystem impact.


What sets JustDeliveries apart from its competitors?

JustDeliveries’ commitment to innovation, use of cutting-edge technology, and dedication to sustainability make it stand out in the cold supply chain industry.

How does JustDeliveries ensure the quality of its products during transit?

The company employs temperature-controlled vehicles and real-time monitoring to guarantee the freshness and quality of its products.

Can individuals use JustDeliveries for personal deliveries?

Yes, JustDeliveries caters to both commercial and individual customers, making fresh and frozen goods accessible to everyone.

What is JustDeliveries’ approach to sustainability?

JustDeliveries is actively pursuing eco-friendly practices, including green packaging and exploring electric vehicles for deliveries.

How can businesses collaborate with JustDeliveries for customized supply chain solutions?

Businesses can get in touch with JustDeliveries’ dedicated team to discuss their specific supply chain requirements and tailor a solution.

What is JustDeliveries’ vision for the future of the cold supply chain in India?

JustDeliveries envisions a future where the cold supply chain is not only efficient but also environmentally responsible, contributing to India’s sustainable development.


JustDeliveries has emerged as a game-changer in India’s cold supply chain industry. Through innovative solutions and unwavering tenacity, they have not only reshaped the industry but also positively impacted local communities and the environment. As they continue to expand and innovate, the future of the cold supply chain in India looks promising, with JustDeliveries leading the way.

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