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WeWork Crisis: Will CEO Neumann’s exit impact coworking industry in India?

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In recent times, WeWork, a prominent player in the coworking industry, has been facing a severe crisis. Earlier in August, the company had announced its plans for an initial public offering (IPO) with much enthusiasm. However, these plans were derailed due to a series of challenges, including significant operating losses and doubts surrounding its governance and strategies. As the situation worsens, the spotlight is now on CEO Adam Neumann, who is on the brink of being asked to step down. This article explores the impact of Adam Neumann’s potential exit on WeWork and the coworking industry in India.

The Turbulent Times for WeWork

Adam Neumann’s Exit

Reports suggest that the board of directors at WeWork has been deliberating Adam Neumann’s departure as CEO. Interestingly, this move has found support from SoftBank Group’s Masayoshi Son, WeWork’s largest investor. However, it’s essential to note that not everyone is in favor of Neumann stepping down. Some members of WeWork’s board, who are not directly associated with SoftBank, are advocating for him to retain his position.

SoftBank’s Influence

SoftBank played a significant role in pushing WeWork to postpone its IPO plans. Adam Neumann even traveled to Tokyo to meet with Masayoshi Son, SoftBank’s CEO, to discuss potential solutions. Son’s apparent opposition to Neumann’s leadership can be seen as an attempt to prevent WeWork from going public. This strategy could benefit SoftBank by avoiding a markdown in the company’s valuation, as the conglomerate invested in WeWork, valuing it at $47 billion earlier in the year.

Public Investor Concerns

WeWork has encountered difficulties in securing a valuation exceeding $20 billion from potential public investors. The company’s IPO plans have garnered substantial criticism for their lack of transparency concerning the business’s financial aspects. Notably, Neumann owns various commercial properties that he leased to WeWork, and he sold a significant portion of his equity ahead of the public stock offering.

The Coworking Landscape in India

WeWork India’s Background

WeWork entered the Indian market in September 2017 under the brand franchisee WeWork India, which is controlled by Buildcon LLP, owned by real estate billionaires Jitu Virwani and his son, Karan Virwani. Recent reports indicate that WeWork was in discussions to acquire approximately 70% of WeWork India at an estimated valuation of $2.75 billion.

Rising Competition

WeWork India has been facing growing competition from established rivals such as 91springboard, Awfis, and OYO’s Workspaces, as well as Innov8 coworking properties. Despite this competition, WeWork India has expanded rapidly, attracting 25,000 members across 21 locations in cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai in just 18 months.

Ambitious Expansion

WeWork India’s ambitious plans include projected growth to 90,000 seats by March 2020. Additionally, the company is eyeing expansion projects in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune by the end of 2019.


1. What led to WeWork’s IPO delay? WeWork’s IPO delay was primarily caused by significant operating losses, concerns over its governance, and difficulties in securing a favorable valuation from potential public investors.

2. Why is Adam Neumann facing pressure to step down as CEO? Some members of WeWork’s board, along with its largest investor, SoftBank, are pushing for Adam Neumann’s departure due to concerns about the company’s direction and performance.

3. How has WeWork India fared in the face of competition? WeWork India has faced growing competition but has managed to attract 25,000 members across 21 locations within 18 months, indicating strong demand for coworking spaces in India.

4. What are WeWork India’s expansion plans? WeWork India aims to grow to 90,000 seats by March 2020 and is planning to expand to cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

5. What impact could Adam Neumann’s exit have on WeWork India? Adam Neumann’s exit could potentially impact WeWork India, depending on the changes in leadership and strategic decisions made by the company.


The WeWork crisis and the potential exit of CEO Adam Neumann have cast a shadow of uncertainty over the coworking giant. As the company grapples with financial challenges and governance issues, the future direction of WeWork remains uncertain. Meanwhile, WeWork India continues to expand aggressively in a competitive market, making waves in the coworking industry. The coming months will be crucial in determining the fate of both WeWork and its Indian operations.

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