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SoftBank Confirms WeWork Takeover with $10 Billion Investment

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In a surprising turn of events, SoftBank has officially confirmed its plans to acquire WeWork in a deal worth over $10 billion. This announcement comes as a significant development in the ongoing saga of WeWork, the co-working space giant that has faced numerous challenges in recent years. In this article, we will delve into the details of this acquisition, the implications for WeWork, and what led to this unexpected twist in the company’s history.

The Deal Unveiled

SoftBank, a Japanese multinational conglomerate, has not only decided to invest $10 billion in WeWork but has also taken steps to restructure the company’s leadership. Adam Neumann, the co-founder and former CEO of WeWork, has been a central figure in the company’s tumultuous journey. As part of this deal, SoftBank has paid Neumann a staggering $1.7 billion to relinquish control of the company.

Marcelo Claure, the Chief Operating Officer of SoftBank, is set to replace Neumann as the chairman of The We Company’s board. While Neumann is stepping down from the board, he will still have two representatives on WeWork’s board and is expected to serve as an advisor to the company.

A Dramatic Shift in Fortunes

This acquisition represents a dramatic reversal of fortune for both WeWork and SoftBank. SoftBank, WeWork’s largest shareholder, has now committed to investing a total of over $19 billion in a company that is currently valued at just $8 billion. This stark difference in valuation underscores the challenges WeWork has faced in recent years.

Neumann’s Compensation Package

As part of the deal, Adam Neumann has secured a substantial compensation package. He will receive $685 million in a side deal with SoftBank for resigning from his position on WeWork’s board. Additionally, SoftBank has agreed to pay Neumann $500 million to refinance his personal loans, further solidifying his financial position. Neumann is also expected to receive an additional $185 million as a consulting fee.

WeWork’s Turbulent Journey

WeWork’s journey to this point has been marked by significant turbulence. In August, the company planned to go public with an initial public offering (IPO), but the offering was postponed due to concerns raised by investors. These concerns revolved around WeWork’s business model, massive operating losses, and uncertainty surrounding its governance and strategies.

The valuation of WeWork was also adjusted during this period, with the company’s worth being slashed to $20 billion, nearly half of its earlier valuation of $47 billion.

Choosing SoftBank Over JP Morgan Chase

SoftBank’s investment in WeWork also involves a $5 million investment in the company’s debt funding. Notably, WeWork opted for SoftBank’s offer over another $5 billion debt package offered by JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Furthermore, SoftBank is expediting its promised $1.5 billion equity investments, which were initially due in April, by providing them in the form of warrants to the US office-space sharing startup.

A Tender Offer and Neumann’s Stake

In addition to these investments, SoftBank is planning a $3 billion tender offer to acquire WeWork’s shares from its existing investors and employees. As for Adam Neumann, he is expected to receive approximately $970 million for his shares in the company. Currently, Neumann holds a 20% stake in WeWork and is likely to retain a significant portion of it.


1. Why is SoftBank acquiring WeWork? SoftBank’s acquisition of WeWork is aimed at restructuring the company and providing much-needed financial stability. It represents a commitment to support WeWork’s growth and transformation.

2. What led to WeWork’s valuation decline? WeWork’s valuation declined due to concerns over its business model, substantial losses, and governance issues, which led to the postponement of its IPO.

3. What is Adam Neumann’s role in the new structure? While stepping down from WeWork’s board, Adam Neumann will serve as an advisor to the company and retain two representatives on the board.

4. How much is SoftBank investing in WeWork? SoftBank is investing over $10 billion in WeWork, with additional commitments for debt funding and equity investments.

5. What is the significance of SoftBank’s investment for WeWork’s future? SoftBank’s investment is expected to provide stability and growth opportunities for WeWork, allowing the company to navigate its challenges effectively.


The confirmation of SoftBank’s acquisition of WeWork for over $10 billion represents a pivotal moment in WeWork’s history. This investment comes at a crucial juncture for the company, which has faced significant challenges in recent years. With this financial backing and restructuring, WeWork aims to chart a new path forward, while SoftBank continues to show confidence in the potential of the co-working industry.

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