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Oyo founder Ritesh Agarwal to buy back shares worth $1.5 billion

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In a remarkable turn of events, Ritesh Agarwal, the visionary founder of Oyo, is gearing up to execute a monumental financial maneuver. His plan involves repurchasing shares from two early investors, Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners, at an astonishing value of $1.5 billion. This groundbreaking move has received the green light from the Competition Commission of India (CCI) and also entails an additional investment of $500 million into the company. Let’s delve deeper into the intricacies of this monumental decision and what it signifies for Oyo and the broader hospitality industry.

The CCI’s Green Light

The green signal from India’s antitrust regulator, the CCI, is a pivotal moment in Oyo’s history. It clears the regulatory path for Ritesh Agarwal to undertake this ambitious transaction through RA Hospitality, a Cayman-registered entity. As a result, Agarwal’s shareholding in the company he founded in 2013 is set to surge to an estimated 30%, marking a significant shift in the ownership structure.

Valuation Soars

One of the most staggering outcomes of this share buyback is the expected doubling of Oyo’s valuation. Previously valued at $5 billion, the company’s worth will catapult to an impressive $10 billion. To finance this colossal endeavor, Ritesh Agarwal has secured debt financing from Nomura and Mizuho, two prominent Japanese banks. This infusion of funds will provide Oyo with the financial muscle to accelerate its ambitious plans.

Ritesh’s Vision

Ritesh Agarwal, known for his audacious vision, shared his perspective on this significant development, stating, “The company will get an additional primary infusion of approximately $1.5 billion to support our mission. This will be utilized to maintain our leadership position in India and China, strengthen our footprint in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, expand our business in Europe and the US, all while establishing a niche for our vacation homes business on a global scale.”

Investor Transactions

As part of this monumental transaction, Oyo is set to acquire 50% of Lightspeed’s current stake of 13.4% in the company at a valuation of $1 billion. This move translates to substantial profits for Lightspeed Venture Partners, with an astounding 50-fold return on their initial investment. The US-based venture capital firm has been a steadfast supporter of Oyo since 2014, having invested approximately $20 million in the company. Additionally, Oyo will purchase the 10.21% stake held by Sequoia Capital for $500 million, further reshaping its ownership structure.

Oyo’s Evolution

Oyo’s journey from its inception in 2013 to the present day is nothing short of a business transformation saga. Initially launched as a budget hospitality firm and operating as a hotel aggregator platform, Oyo has undergone a remarkable evolution. It has diversified into a franchise model with a diverse range of categories, including coworking spaces, cloud kitchens, and more. Over the years, the company has raised close to $1.7 billion in funding from prominent investors such as Airbnb, SoftBank Vision Fund, Greenoak Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Hero Enterprise.

A Diverse Portfolio

The growth trajectory of Oyo has seen it not only diversify its business model but also expand its offerings across various forms of accommodations. This expansion encompasses holiday homes, casino hotels, coworking spaces, and more, spanning approximately 800 cities across 74 countries. Furthermore, Oyo is making significant strides in segments like student accommodations and four-star hotels, further solidifying its presence in the global hospitality landscape.


Ritesh Agarwal’s bold move to buy back shares worth $1.5 billion from early investors and infuse an additional $500 million into Oyo is poised to reshape the future of the company. With a doubled valuation and a bolstered financial position, Oyo is well-positioned for further global expansion and continued innovation in the competitive hospitality sector.


1. What does Ritesh Agarwal’s share buyback mean for Oyo?

Ritesh Agarwal’s share buyback signifies a significant shift in ownership and a doubling of Oyo’s valuation, providing the company with substantial financial resources for expansion and innovation.

2. How is Ritesh Agarwal financing the share buyback?

Ritesh Agarwal plans to finance the share buyback through debt from Japanese banks, Nomura and Mizuho.

3. Why is the CCI’s approval crucial in this transaction?

The approval from the Competition Commission of India (CCI) is essential as it ensures that the transaction complies with antitrust regulations, clearing the way for the share buyback.

4. How has Oyo evolved since its inception?

Oyo has evolved from a hotel aggregator platform into a diversified hospitality company, offering a wide range of accommodations and services across the globe.

5. What are Oyo’s plans for the future?

With its strengthened financial position, Oyo aims to expand its presence in multiple regions and continue diversifying its offerings in the hospitality industry.

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