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Startup Story: How Commonfloor established an immense client base

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In the bustling landscape of startups, few tales are as inspiring as that of Commonfloor. This remarkable journey is a testament to innovation, perseverance, and the ability to create an immense client base in a competitive market. In this article, we will embark on a deep dive into the incredible success story of Commonfloor, exploring the strategies, challenges, and key takeaways from their path to triumph.

The Genesis of Commonfloor

Visionaries Behind the Dream

Commonfloor’s journey began in 2007 when three visionary individuals, Sumit Jain, Lalit Mangal, and Vikas Malpani, came together with a shared passion for technology and a vision to transform India’s real estate landscape. Recognizing the complexities and opacities inherent in the real estate sector, they saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between property seekers and sellers by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Commonfloor Founders
Commonfloor Founders – Vikas Malpani, Sumit Jain, and Lalit Mangal

Early Challenges and Triumphs

The infancy of Commonfloor was characterized by the typical hurdles faced by startups. The real estate industry in India was fragmented, information was scarce, and transparency was lacking. However, Commonfloor’s founders remained undaunted by these challenges. They embarked on a mission to create a platform that not only simplified property searches but also connected genuine property sellers with seekers.

Building Blocks of Success

User-Centric Approach

One of Commonfloor’s pivotal strategies was an unwavering commitment to the user. They placed the user experience at the forefront of their platform design. This user-centric approach became a cornerstone of their success, fostering trust and loyalty among their rapidly growing user base.

Innovative Technology

Commonfloor’s commitment to innovation propelled them to new heights. They introduced groundbreaking features such as 3D property views and virtual property tours, setting a new industry standard. These innovations not only attracted more users but also set them apart from competitors.

CommonFloor App Screenshots
CommonFloor App Screenshots

Strategic Partnerships

To further expand their reach and property listings, Commonfloor strategically partnered with leading real estate developers. These partnerships not only provided them access to a vast inventory of properties but also allowed them to offer a broader selection to their users, strengthening their position in the market.

The Perplexities of Scaling

Managing Growth

As Commonfloor’s user base expanded exponentially, they faced the complex challenge of scaling their operations efficiently. To address this, they invested in robust backend systems and conducted rigorous training programs to equip their teams to handle the surging demand effectively.

Competition and Market Saturation

The real estate technology sector became increasingly competitive, with numerous players vying for market dominance. To stay ahead of the curve, Commonfloor had to continuously innovate. They focused on refining their user experience and introducing features that addressed the evolving needs of property seekers.


The Burstiness of Success

Acquisition by Quikr

In 2016, Commonfloor reached a significant milestone by being acquired by Quikr, a leading classifieds platform in India. This acquisition not only validated their success but also provided them with the resources and support needed to expand further. It was a testament to their journey’s significance in the startup ecosystem.

Legacy and Inspiration

Commonfloor’s journey continues to serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. It exemplifies that with a clear vision, unwavering dedication, and a relentless focus on user needs, even the most complex industries can be disrupted. Their story reminds us that success isn’t solely about becoming the biggest player in the field, but about making a meaningful impact on the lives of clients and users.


In the grand tapestry of startup success stories, Commonfloor’s narrative stands out as a true masterpiece. It teaches us that innovation, perseverance, and a deep understanding of user requirements are the pillars of triumph. As we navigate the entrepreneurial world, let Commonfloor’s journey inspire us to create our own success stories, driven by the desire to create value and leave an indelible mark on the industries we touch.


  1. What was Commonfloor’s main contribution to the real estate industry?

    Commonfloor revolutionized the real estate sector by providing an intuitive platform that simplified property searches and listings.

  2. How did Commonfloor navigate the competitive real estate tech sector?

    Commonfloor consistently stayed ahead of the competition through relentless innovation and an unwavering focus on user experience.

  3. What role did technology play in Commonfloor’s success?

    Technology was instrumental in Commonfloor’s success, enabling them to introduce groundbreaking features like 3D property views and virtual property tours.

  4. What lessons can aspiring entrepreneurs glean from Commonfloor’s journey?

    Commonfloor’s journey underscores the importance of a user-centric approach and the necessity of persevering through challenges in the startup ecosystem.

  5. How did the acquisition by Quikr impact Commonfloor’s growth?

    The acquisition by Quikr provided Commonfloor with the resources and opportunities to expand their reach and impact in the real estate tech market.

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