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From Hibiscus to Glass Blowing: Lucrative Trends

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From the tranquil gardens of India to the bustling world of cuisine, the humble hibiscus has taken an unexpected journey onto our dinner tables. With over 200 varieties of hibiscus in India, it’s the five-petalled variety that’s stealing the culinary spotlight. But how did this vibrant flower go from being a garden favorite to a kitchen superstar?

Blooms on Your Plate

A Floral Phenomenon

It’s a common sight in Indian front yards and tropical gardens – the hibiscus. This brilliant-red rosa-Sinensis has now become a culinary sensation, thanks to some innovative chefs. From masala prawns to quesadillas, the hibiscus is making its mark on gourmet dishes.

The Lockdown Experiment

The lockdown of 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, saw a surge in home experimentation with hibiscus in daily diets. Remya Sandeep, a homemaker from Kerala, is a hibiscus enthusiast. She believes hibiscus petals are rich in vitamin C, making them a healthy addition to recipes like rasam and thoran.

Hibiscus trend

The Kitchen Magic of Hibiscus

Simplicity in Flavor

Cooking with hibiscus is surprisingly simple. For an energy-boosting drink, boil water and add freshly picked hibiscus petals. Once cooled, add ice cubes, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a natural sweetener if desired. Ramya even creates face cream using hibiscus petals mixed with aloe vera gel for clear skin.

The Appeal of Color

Apart from its health benefits, the vivid crimson color of hibiscus adds visual appeal to any dish or drink. Nisha MS, a fan of hibiscus tea, finds it not only relaxing but also aesthetically pleasing. She plucks the flower petals and sundries them, but cautions that even dried petals have a limited shelf life.

Blossoming Opportunities

India is a major cultivator of hibiscus, with over 70 varieties suitable for human consumption. This versatile plant has found its way into various personal care products like soaps and shampoos, further boosting the market. Hibiscus is also recognized for its potential health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and fighting diabetes.

From Teas to Treats

Hibiscus tea is a rising star, with brands like Tea Trunk from Goa offering various hibiscus-based options. Its tangy taste and natural ruby-red color make it ideal for iced tea and cocktails. Additionally, Soklet, a chocolate brand, has incorporated hibiscus into its chocolates, creating a unique and delightful flavor.

The DIY Beauty Trend

Amid the pandemic, DIY beauty became a trend, and nails took center stage. With salons closed, people turned to at-home solutions, driving up demand for products like artificial nails and manicure kits. The Indian nail care market is expected to thrive, driven by beauty consciousness and increasing disposable income.

The Nail Revolution

The nail industry witnessed growth, with artificial nails, nail treatments, and nail polish seeing increased demand. Subscription boxes and custom-fit nail products have also gained popularity, offering a range of options for nail enthusiasts.

Glass Blowing

Glass Blowing: A Resurging Craft

Glass blowing, an ancient art, is experiencing a resurgence. More than 50,000 people search for ‘glass blowing’ monthly, indicating a growing interest in this craft. India, with its rich history in glass art, has the potential to create luxury products in this field.

Crafting with Glass

Klove, a Delhi-based design studio, combines traditional glass blowing techniques with modern design to create contemporary lighting and decor. Their products, priced between 45,000 INR to 7.5 lakh INR, have gained recognition in the market. However, experts emphasize the need for design and training to fully develop the industry.

Seizing Glass Blowing Trends

Glass blowing is not only an art but a social media sensation with millions of posts and views on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Glass artists are gaining recognition, and entrepreneurial opportunities abound in this growing field.

The Future of DIY

As the world embraces DIY solutions, opportunities arise across various beauty categories. Entrepreneurs can tap into this trend by offering innovative, at-home beauty products and solutions. The demand for organic and natural products is on the rise, presenting a unique selling point.

In Conclusion

From garden to gourmet, hibiscus has found its place in our hearts and kitchens. Whether it’s a soothing cup of hibiscus tea, a homemade hibiscus face mask, or a piece of hand-blown glass art, these trends reflect our ever-evolving tastes and desires. As we embrace DIY beauty and rediscover ancient crafts like glass blowing, it’s clear that creativity knows no bounds. The future is vibrant, and it’s blooming with possibilities!

Remember, you don’t always need a fancy restaurant to experience gourmet cuisine, and you don’t need a professional salon for a fabulous manicure. Sometimes, the most delightful trends start right in your own home, garden, or workshop.


Q: Can I grow my own hibiscus for tea? A: Absolutely! With the right conditions, you can cultivate your own hibiscus plants for brewing tea.

Q: Is glass blowing a difficult skill to learn? A: Like any craft, it takes practice, but with dedication, you can master the art of glass blowing.

Q: Where can I find hibiscus-infused glassware? A: Many artisans and online shops offer a variety of hibiscus-infused glassware options to choose from.

Q: Does hibiscus tea have any side effects? A: While generally safe, hibiscus tea may interact with certain medications, so it’s advisable to consult your doctor if you have concerns.

Q: Are there different types of glass used in blowing? A: Yes, various types of glass, such as borosilicate and soda-lime, are used in glass blowing, each with its unique properties.

Q: Can glass blowing be a profitable career? A: Absolutely! Skilled glass blowers often find a market for their unique creations, making it a potentially lucrative career.

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